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UNITED PLASTICS pioneering designs, perfect product quality, customer friendly & enthusiastic approach, Coupled with extremely competitive pricing make it a attractive source for any products. Ensuring a skilled and fast growth in such a short instance has taken a lot of hard work and efforts from each and every one of us. We promise a continuous improvement in our products and processes to achieve today what will be required tomorrow.


Plastic Crockery

United Plastics has launched best quality Microwave plastic Crockery at the most economical price by using best technology,...
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Furniture Fixtures

United Plastics are dedicated to manufacture and supply industrial standard plastic furniture fixtures...
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Customized Products

We have complete infrastructure to produce desired customized design as per your need...
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Our Vision

We pride ourselves on our intimate understanding of our customers’ supply chain requirements and our ability to provide effective, tailored solutions.

By anticipating our customers’ needs, surpassing their expectations and taking advantage of our global synergies, we sustain long-term business partnerships that will assure our future.

Our Values

Our values set us apart from our competitors.

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